Laquana Cooke, PhD

Assistant Professor, Digital Rhetoric

Director, iCamp Academy

West Chester University

610-436-2481 |  LCOOKE2@wcupa.edu

Zoom: Virtual Office and Classroom 


Camp is a social-justice centered, project-based, program that offers rising 11th and 12th grade students an extraordinary opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops in games and web development, as well audio and video production. Students develop system-based thinking with iCamp’s versatile instructional staff: our community of teachers are digital activists who cut across academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial spaces. Since its inception in 2017 as an annual week-long residential program, our interdisciplinary curriculum has supported 75+ students as they’ve created over 63 visionary games, websites, video and audio productions. Through our iterative design/development process, iCampers move beyond the world of high school and foster college-level proficiencies, sharpening STEM skills, developing technical fluencies while using their creativity, critical reading and writing skills.

iCamp Summer Media Academy is a free residential program that invites high school students from the School District of Philadelphia to develop leading-edge digital skills working with local artists, college faculty and students in a college environment. Throughout the week, iCampers collaborate to plan, develop, and publish media projects for youth and by youth whose passion is to effect social change.